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Bar Benders - Overview
Hole Punchers:
Ogura HPC-N156WDF
Ogura HPC-N186W
Ogura HPC-N208W
Ogura HPC-N209W
Ogura HPC-2213W
Ogura HPC-N208WDF
Ogura HPC-N209WDF
Bar Benders:
Ogura HBB-525
Ogura HBB-32HPW
Ogura MB-225
Bar Cutters:
Ogura HBC-816
Ogura HBC-520
Ogura HBC-225
Ogura HBC-232
Ogura HCC-13DF
Ogura HCC-16DF
Ogura HCC-19DF
Threaded Rod Cutter:
Ogura HSC-20BL
Alarm & Evacuation
Rescue Tools

Ogura Hydraulic Bar Benders

The Ogura range of Bar Benders is extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use. Both battery-powered and mains-powered tools are available. Able to bend up to 38 mm high-tensile rebar, these products are powerful, safe to use and proven to be robust.

Bar Bender Product Range:

Ogura HBB-525

High Tensile 25 mm Bar Bender

Portable mains powered 25 mm bar bender >>>
HBB-525 Hydraulic Bar Bender


Ogura HBB-32HPW

High Tensile 32 mm Bar Bender

Portable mains powered 32 mm bar bender >>>
HBB-32HPW Hydraulic Bar Bender

Ogura MB-225

High Tensile 25 mm 180° Bar Bender

Mechanical mains powered 25 mm 180° bar bender >>>

MB-225 Mechanical mains powered Bar Bender