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Hydraulic Hole Punchers - Overview
Hole Punchers:
Ogura HPC-N156WDF
Ogura HPC-N186W
Ogura HPC-N208W
Ogura HPC-N209W
Ogura HPC-2213W
Ogura HPC-N208WDF
Ogura HPC-N209WDF
Bar Benders:
Ogura HBB-525
Ogura HBB-32HPW
Ogura MB-225
Bar Cutters:
Ogura HBC-816
Ogura HBC-520
Ogura HBC-225
Ogura HBC-232
Ogura HCC-13DF
Ogura HCC-16DF
Ogura HCC-19DF
Threaded Rod Cutter:
Ogura HSC-20BL
Alarm & Evacuation
Rescue Tools

Ogura Hydraulic Hole PunchersOgura Hydraulic Hole Punchers dramatically reduce your hole-making costs over conventional drilling methods.

Time Savings - Ogura Puncher users have documented increases in productivity over other hole making methods. One user stated that he had achieved a 75% time saving over the old method of using twist drills.

Fast Cycle Times - Punch clean and accurate holes in as little as 1.5 seconds. A single trigger actuates the punch while an exclusive auto-return mechanism returns the punch to its starting position.

Ease of Handling - Single body, lightweight construction make these units easy to handle and move and no separate hydraulics. Operator fatigue is reduced since the Ogura puncher does all the hard work.

Accuracy - Ogura punchers eliminate the need to pre-drill or pre-punch. To confirm the punch position, simply jog the punch down to the centre mark for the hole location. A convenient release valve allows ease of repositioning if required.

Less Clean Up - With Ogura punchers there is no messy drill debris.

You get a clean slug that is easy to handle, with faster clean-ups.

Punches Last Longer - Twist drills can break easily and dull quickly. When properly

cared for, an Ogura punch and die set can produce an average of over 1000 holes.

Most products are available ex-stock with all spare parts and service spares available immediately.

Product Range:


HPC-N156WDF Hydraulic Hole PuncherDouble-Acting Hydraulic Hole Puncher

This battery-operated hole puncher is compact and versatile >>>

Max Hole Size (Mild Steel): ø15 x t6

Max Hole Size (Stainless): ø15 x t6

18V Lithium-Ion Battery Logo


HPC-N186W Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-N186W

Double-Acting Deep Throat Hydraulic Hole Puncher

This hole puncher features a particularly deep throat which allows for more versatile cutting >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel): ø18 x t6

Max Hole Size (Stainless):
ø18 x t4 / ø14 x t5

HPC-N208W Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-N208W

Double-Acting Hole Puncher

This versatile hole puncher is a good all rounder >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel): ø20 x t8

Max Hole Size
(Stainless): ø20 x t6

HPC-N208WDF Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-N208WDF

Double-Acting Hole Puncher

This battery-operated tool is a versatile all round hole puncher >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel): ø20 x t8

Max Hole Size (Stainless): ø20 x t6

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HPC-N209W Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-N209W

Double-Acting Hole Puncher

A more powerful version of the HPC-N208W >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel): ø20 x t9

Max Hole Size
(Stainless): ø20 x t6

HPC-N209WDF Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-N209WDF

Double-Acting Hole Puncher

This is our most powerful battery-powered hole puncher >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel): ø20 x t9

Max Hole Size
(Stainless): ø20 x t6

18V Lithium-Ion Battery Logo

HPC-2213W Hydraulic Hole PuncherHPC-2213W

Double-Acting Hole Puncher

This is our most powerful hole puncher >>>

Max Hole Size
(Mild Steel):
ø22 x t13 / ø24 x t12

Max Hole Size
(Stainless): ø24 x t9


Li-Ion Battery Technology

18V Lithium-Ion Battery Logo

The battery-powered Ogura tools use the amazing Makita 18 V Li-Ion battery.

Recent tests by Ogura prove that the new Li-Ion units suffer a discharge rate of only 9% after 500 days in storage! Ogura are the only manufacturer of portable hydraulic tools with access to Makita batteries. Tests prove that the batteries used on Ogura tools have at least twice the life of other power tool batteries.

Ogura 18V Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger

Intelligent charging means that each individual battery has its own charge profile dependent on use. This extends battery life, increases durability and means 30% more cuts per charge. Recharge time is only 22 minutes.